Artists Booking Procedure
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Booking Process 1.   

You will need to have as much information and details as possible from your potential client/event in order for us to help you. This information includes:         

Date of event        

Location (City and Venue –indoor/outdoor)       

Ticketed event or not        

If yes, estimated cost of ticket         

If not, a full description of what type of an event it will be (festival, party or what)       

Is there a budget for the event?        

Are you looking for a tape or live act?        

Do you have a ‘wish list’?        

Distance to closest airport        

Are there Visa restrictions in the country of destination?  

2.    With this information, we will provide you a list of names to choose from

3.    Our website is equipped with biographies, pictures and video links

4.    You will then choose from the list or add suggestions

5.    We will speak to the artist’s management or main booking agent for availability and fee

6.    We will also give you an estimate on the cost of logistics (flights, travel etc)

7.    If you are in agreement with a fee and an artist, we will proceed to contract

8.    The contract is binding and always comes accompanied by a technical and hospitality rider. Both riders are binding and an integral part of the contract

9.    Payment terms are irrevocable


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