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Loredana was born in Onesti, Romania. She began singing at the tender age of 3, and she continued to sing during grade school and high school. At the age of 14, she participated in a television contest, in Focsani, where she was seen by TV maverick Dumitru Morosanu and reknown composer Jolt Kerestely. They invited her to Bucharest to participate in the at the time famous contest “Star without a Name”, even though she wasn't 17, the minimum age required to participate.

In 1986, at the age of 16, she participated in the national festival of music, Mamaia Music Festival, where she earn the grand prize, being the youngest participant and, at the same time, the youngest winner in the festival's history.

In 1987, at a Music Festival in Constinesti, she met the famous composer Adrian Enescu. After several work sessions, Loredana recorded the first song composed especially for herself, „O inima de 16 ani”. Enescu decided that the best solution for working with Loredana was to record an album. Therefore the first album, „Buna seara, iubito” was born in 1988. Although the song wasn’t broadcasted on the national television; the album had unprecedented success and sold over one million copies. Alongside the first single, Loredana's first video was produced becoming one of the first music videos ever made in Romania.

In 1989, Loredana's second album, also composed by Adrian Enescu (lyrics by the poet Lucian Avramesc), „Un Buchet de Trandafiri”, was released with massive success.

In 1992 Loredana won the Bucharest Music Festival grand prize with a song composed by Marin Petrache Pechea. In 1993 Loredana participated again at the Mamaia Music Festival where she won first place in 'The Hit of the year section' with a song composed by Marius Teicu, “Ce va fi cu iubirea mea”, which benefited with a video clip written and directed by Luminita Dumitrescu. Simultaneously she started to work seriously on a new album, together with the pop group Directia 5 (headed at that time by Razvan Mirica and Marian Ionescu).

In 1994 the album “Atitudine” was released after a two months tour in the U.S. in which Loredana performed throughout the country.

In 1995 she sustained a live concert tour throughout Romania alongside Directia 5. After the tour, she started to work on the new album, “Nascuta toamna”.

The year 1996 was the year when the album “Tomilio” was released by Pro TV. The first video clip was produced by Media Pro for the song “Nu-mi pasa” (scenario: Laurentiu Rusescu). This was the beginning of the long and successful relationship between Loredana and Pro TV Group which still endures today with great success.

In 1997, Loredana performed at an unplugged concert in the National Theatre. The concert was a landmark event as it marked the first massively marketed unplugged concert in Romania's post-revolution history. She then released the first maxi-single ever produced by MediaPro. The song “Lumea e a mea”, was made with the participation of the well known hip hop group BUG Mafia and which was sold over 50 000 copies. The video clip was written and directed by Bogdan Albu.

In 1999 a new maxi-single was released, “Aromaroma” and again another no. 1. The video clip and graphics for the album were produced by the talented Camil Tulcan.  After years since their first work together, Loredana renewed the relationship with Adrian Enescu for the album “Diva inamorata”. Two albums inspired from folklore “Agurida” and “Zaraza” followed.

In 2003 she released the song “Femeia ta”, whose sensational video clip was directed by Bogdan Albu and which enjoyed the participation of the well known Florin Calinescu.

In 2006 Loredana returned with a sensational album called “Jamparalele”, a unique album with music for dance, groove and jampara. The beats unified the old Balkan and Carpathian sounds, giving a unique identity to the style. The album was a happy and refreshable trip through folklore music. Jamaparaua is the Balkans’ regheton with funky influences from the Near East. The traditional beats were mixed off-hand with house, break beat, rock, mambo, and rhythm and blues. The result, another huge Loredana success.

In 2007 Loredana released three albums alongside MediaPro Music. In the first part of the year, Loredana released an album called “My Love” which contained the well-known love songs from Loredana’s entire career. The second album, was dedicate to children and was called “Nana Nanino”. In December 2007, Loredana released her third album of the year, which was a fusion between pop, gypsy and fiddlers’ music.

In 2007, Loredana also performed as the opening act for George Michael’s, in the Lia Manoliu stadium in Bucharest in front of a sold out crowd of 40.000 persons.

In 2008 Loredana began a new project together with Acasa TV where she is performing in the role of Rodia, from the series “Regina”, whose sound track is performed by Loredana. At the same time, she produced a new album “Tzuki”, released in November and which was entirely recorded and produced in the United States. Presently, Loredana continues to perform and travel continuously all over the world. She is presently also working on her future album again recorded and produced in the United States.




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